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Domain Name System (DNS) – Application Layer Protocol

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a vital application layer protocol that enables efficient name resolution on the internet. It translates human-readable domain names into machine-readable IP addresses, facilitating seamless web navigation. This manual excerpt explores DNS’s hierarchical structure, resource records, messaging protocols, caching mechanisms, security measures, load balancing strategies, and privacy-enhancing mechanisms. Understanding DNS is crucial for managing network resources, optimizing performance, and ensuring reliable and secure internet connectivity.

Domain Name System (DNS) Security Threats

DNS Security Threats The Domain Name System (DNS) is a service used on both the Internet and private networks to translate Internet Protocol (IP) addresses to Fully Qualified Domain Names. Example, this service allows someone to type a FQDN like www.zymitry.com to reach the Zymitry web site instead of having to type in the domains IP address. Regarding‚Ķ Read More »