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Mitigating Insider Security Threats

Threats from within an organization. Insider security threats are the most significant threat to today’s information systems. Insiders often have elevated access within an organizations information systems which often gives them a level of authorized access that can cause a lot of damage if misused intentionally, or unintentionally. In the SANS Reading Room article; Insider Threat Mitigation Guidance,… Read More »

Security Threats to Cloud–Based Systems

Security Threats to Cloud–Based Systems Threats to both cloud-based and on-site solutions should be evaluated with an additional focus directed towards security issues specific to cloud services. Cloud security threats can come from internal or external sources, and can originate as human or software based attacks. Threat agents are as follows; anonymous attackers, malicious service agents, trusted attackers,… Read More »

Database Threats and Security Measures to Protect Against Them

Database Threats and Security Measures to Protect Against them The following are a few well-known threats to database and Database Management Systems (DBMS), and mitigating strategies used to help protect against them. Excessive privileges. When users or applications granted database access privileges that exceed what is needed to complete tasks opens the opportunity to abuse privileges for malicious… Read More »