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Cloud Computing and System Fault Tolerance

Cloud Computing and System Fault Tolerance Cloud computing use has risen in direct correlation with the development of web 2.0 technologies, as well as the development and increased availability of high-speed communications infrastructure and internet access. Well known advantages of cloud computing include; cost savings, reliability, manageability, and competitive edge (Levelcloud.net, n.d.). One aspect of cloud computing related… Read More »

Information System Incident Response & IRT’s

Information System Incident Response Effective information system Incident response requires proper planning and good management. Since organizations are diverse and vary in size, organizations must design their incident response plans based on a detailed assessment of their information system and business requirements. Constructing a proficient Incident Response Team (IRT) is a critical component of any effective Incident Response Plan.… Read More »

Developing an Effective Red Team, the Right Mind Set

Developing an Effective Red Team Penetration testing (pen-testing) is characterized as a method of evaluating internal and external technical security controls through a methodically planned simulated attack that imitates threats from malicious outsiders and malicious insiders to understand the security weaknesses in a system and/or network. When properly executed, pen-testing is a critical tool in assessing and improving … Read More »