Information Security Policies, Standards, Procedures

By | November 19, 2016
Policies & Procedures

Policies, Standards, Procedures – Information Security Governance Documents

Information Security Governance documents consist of Policies, Standards, and Procedures.

  • Policies are top-level governance documents that inform the organization of executive management’s information security direction and goals.
  • Standards are just below policies and define the activities and actions as baselines needed to meet policy goals.
  • Procedures are the lowest level documents and provide direction on how to meet security directives and activities, example; a step-by-step checklist (Grama, 2015, pg.398-399).

Examples of common security policies include: Internet Usage policy, Email Usage Policy, and a Password Policy.

A Security Policy typically contains the following elements:

  • Overview that explains the elements of the policy and what it covers in broad terms.
  • Purpose statement that provides a definition of appropriate use of internet services in an organization.
  • Scope statement that specifies what elements are covered by the policy, and who it applies to.
  • Policy. This can include elements such as resource usage, allowed usage, and personal usage. Additional elements could include for example prohibited and allowed usage of the internet.
  • Policy compliance.
  • Related standards and policies.

Other elements contained in policies of this nature often include: publically accessible internet connected information, monitoring, confidentiality, company image, company materials, and web site creation using organization assets (SANS internet policy, 2013).

The University of Georgia provides a password policy with the following elements:

  • Overview.
  • Objective / Purpose.
  • Scope.
  • Policy standard which includes the following elements:
    • Minimum Password Length.
    • Password Composition.
    •  Password Management.
    • Password Storage.
    • Password Aging.
    • Password Reuse.
    • Password Sharing and Transfer.

Other elements of the policy include: Electronic Transmission, Password Requirements for System Administrators and Developers, Enforcement, and Exceptions (University of Georgia Password Standard, n.d.).



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