The Benefits & Disadvanatges of Mobile Cloud Computing

By | November 29, 2016
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Benefits of Mobile Cloud Computing

It has been estimated that within the next few years mobile computing using cloud-based systems will become a trillion dollar business. Currently, it is not clear whether mobile computing is driving the growth of cloud-based systems or vice versa. Either way most businesses understand that it is critical to have a mobile computing presence. To maximize efficiency and the user experience, developers should design applications from the ground up taking mobile computing into account.


The following are benefits of mobile cloud computing:

  • One of the major advantages of mobile cloud computing is that you can access your data from anywhere in the world, using any mobile device that is connected to the Internet.
  • Real time data availability: Mobile cloud computing provides access to data in real time whenever and wherever wanted.
  • Unlike traditional application models, mobile cloud computing is supported on many different platforms.
  • Cloud applications accessed by mobile devices usually have minimal or no upfront cost. Most applications use a pay as you go model.


The following are disadvantages of mobile cloud computing:

  • One major concerns with cloud computing is the security of data as it relates to users and their actions. Mobile users can accidentally provide sensitive information through the network or through using the application. If mobile cloud applications are not properly secured it increases risks related to user actions.
  • Another well-known concern with mobile cloud computing is performance. Since applications are hosted on remote servers that are accessed across public networks, this can cause slower responses and slower application speeds.
  • An internet connection is required. If an application does not have access to the internet it is often unusable.



Regarding mobile cloud computing, it appears to be the future of cloud-based computing. Not everyone can afford to buy and maintain large devices such as laptop or desktop computers, but these same people can often afford a smart phone with a reasonably priced mobile data plan. Major developers such as Microsoft and Adobe already offer suites designed to be run from mobile devices, and directed towards mobile application users.



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